Saturday, April 30, 2011

Introducing Me

It just hit me I'm asking people to read what I have to say about certain subjects but they don't really know who I am, aside from that non-descriptive paragraph on the side there. So I'd just like to take this opportunity to share a little about myself

Now according to this quiz at, I'm a "Snarky Blogger." Well I didn't crown myself a drama queen for nothing! No really I'd have to look back on some of my writing to remember why I decided to dub myself Little Miss Drama Queen, other than the fact that I do tend to get a little dramatic at times, it's just a name that I've been using for a few years now and always try to attach it to my work.

Being "snarky" is not something I'm going for, I don't want to start anything or offend anyone, but I do say what I feel and try to be completely honest without a lot of sugarcoating. I also don't want to be controversial, although for me the most controversial thing I could write about is probably preferring plain M&Ms to peanut ones. I try not to hurt people and if I ever do it's usually because they might misread my words.
I have to admit though that being called a "snarky blogger" is slightly better than a "Look at Me Blogger," which is the result I got the first time I took the quiz a while back. And I know writing a whole entry about myself just screams "look at me!" But the chances of me devoting another entry entirely to myself are incredibly low since I'm actually an incredibly dull person. So unless I have a profound moment or another epiphany it most likely won't be all about me.

I'm not blogging to give my opinion on anything or to get attention I'm just doing it to do it. I have a lot running though my mind, and I might as well put it out there.
I do some of my best writing at night, but it's rare for me to actually be up writing something since it's also when I don't double check as much, which I have to do or I'll be up all night thinking I said something wrong.

I'm don't transition well, I've been in writing classes and that's usually the main complaint. I try but when I want to change the subject or move on I just do.


I started making jewelery my senior year of high school because it was kind of a hard time for me and I couldn't really write about what I was feeling at the time. I guess my mom picked up on that since she started buying me beads.
Around that time I also started listening to country music, I'd actually been listening to it for a while but only acknowledged a few singers. Now to tell the truth about that; I started watching music videos because there was nothing good on TV, had to do something in the weeks before Dancing with the Stars, and it just became one of those nothing better to do type of things. Of course now I 'm a total fan and there's no stopping me but I don't mind that much.
I want(ed) to be a film editor but have hit a few bumps along the way, one being that I can't really tolerate people that work in "the biz," or at least the few that I've met that want to. I've kind of gone off the film dream and just left it at editor, I've done a few things that you can view here. That's still a road I'm trying to figure out.
I know how to sew, weave and crochet so everyone likes telling me to go to some design school and make a living at it, but I so don't have the imagination to make anything original. I'm basically a one trick pony when it comes to coming up with new ideas, I get them of course but they're not frequent enough to make a living out of.
That's kind of why I like editing I get my main inspiration from music, I actually had one video devoted to eating all because of some song (it was Purple People Eater, the few that saw it loved it.)

I think that's enough about me for now so I'll just leave it there.

We now return you to your regular scheduled blogging.


  1. Hi Diana. Just dropping in from Goodreads to check out the blog. I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. Hi Diana! Thanks for joining the read-a-thon! I'm a new follower of your blog, it's great to "meet" you.