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Body Bags (Body of Evidence, #1)

Body Bags (Body of Evidence, #1)Body Bags by Christopher Golden
Body of Evidence #1
Published May 1st 1999 by Simon Pulse
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Keeping with my "First Officials" this would be my first official book review, sure the book came out 12 years ago and is no longer being published but we've all got to start somewhere. I found out about the Body of Evidence series in the book recommendations in the back of one of the 1-800-Where Are You series. This was the older publications before they decided to make it the Vanished series or even before they put those cute covers with the main character as a cartoon, (I don't like it when they put faces on the cover, it's never the way I imagine the characters).

Now one of the main reasons I decided to start looking for this book was because my mom is obsessed with the forensic show Body of Evidence so I thought it'd be funny if I started reading a book with the same name. Of course since it's not being published anymore I couldn't find it anywhere, which is a shame since the story isn't that bad, not exactly a huge hit but good enough for mystery fans. And it didn't hit me until later that I could have checked at the library, but I think one near by might have closed and the other was remodeled so there's no saying what they have and don't have.

The story is pretty suspenseful I say that having read most of those parts at night, but that's not what effected my sleep, now usually when a book is really good I start dreaming about it. The dreams might just be me reading trying to see how it ends or the actual story playing out in front of me.
Now the dream I had for this book might have involved the story but what really upset me was that I had a dream that I finished this book and couldn't find the next one in the series.
Yep. I guess you can look at it as a complement, I enjoyed it so much that not being able to continue the series is effecting my sleep; I did find the others that follow but don't want to skip around. And chances are by the time I get the second the rest will be gone.

Again note to self check libraries.

Anyway as for the actual story I'd give it a 5 just because my guesses were way off; although I was also suspecting someone that was a lot closer to the result. That's the type of mystery I like, where they completely throw you off by opening random plots that turn out to be nothing or introducing equally random and weird characters that don't really do anything.
It was a pretty good story kind of out there and not very believable, it pretty much involves a corrupt foreign government hopeful with deep dark secrets that does whatever possible to stop them from being learned. There's more to it of course, the main character Jenna is a freshman in college who wants to be a doctor but can't stand the sight of blood so ends up working with a medical examiner, and so unravels the mystery
(*sorry I hate writing summaries, I either say to much or not enough).
The main problem was that nothing was really developed, no one had a life story or actual personalities, all Jenna had was sarcasm and a slight obsession with guys... Wait a minute add interest in mysteries and she's me. She's also a fan of musicals...I am so Jenna! But I'll never touch dead people so she has that over me.
Oh well, anyway I would have preferred a little more character in the characters, aside from the one agent trying to quit smoking and the doctor liking jazz we didn't learn a lot about these people.
It's been a while since I've read anything like this so I needed it, and would recommend it to any fans of young adult mysteries. That is if you can actually find it, and if you can feel free to share where with me.

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