Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Trailer Thursday: The Faerie Ring

Every Thursday we (all who wish to join and the host Quillcafe) welcome everyone to join us in celebrating the awesomeness that is book trailers.

To participate, on a Thursday you post an entry in your blog with an embedded book trailer of your choice (note: the trailer can be fan made but please no movie trailers of book adaptations) with your thoughts and comments underneath. It can be a book you have read, want to read or have never even come across before.

This weeks book trailer is for The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton

Does it make you want to read the book when it comes out? I know it does to me!
Really I saw this book and just thought to myself "Oh just another faerie book, it probably involves some half faerie half human what-not." But then, I don't even know why, I decided to look into it and found this trailer posted on the author Kiki Hamilton's blog and was instantly hooked. It reminded me that I actually like fantasy books like this one! And it's a historical fiction?
As for the trailer, well it pretty much sold the book to me so what else can I say?
I really like that it's just captions, pictures and music; although I do hope that the pictures have a connection to the story and aren't just random ones they thought would fit nicely. Also it doesn't give away too much of the story just enough to get readers attention.
It left me looking forward to it's release on September 27th.

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  1. Wow, that's a very enticing book trailer. Enough of a premise to hook me in and the imagery is so striking. I'd forgotten until I saw this that I actually heard the author read an excerpt from the book. I love well-written historical fantasy. I think I'll have to join you in anticipation of this novel's release.