Monday, July 18, 2011


Intoxication (As the Darkness Falls)Intoxication by Tim Kizer
Published March 30th 2011
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Intoxication by Tim Kizer is a short story about a woman named Leslie who believes a co-worker is trying to poison her. After her friend drinks the coffee given to Leslie, and becomes sick, she starts getting suspicious and begins to investigate. 

It's a short story so I felt as if the characters didn't really develop as well as they could have. It might have made a pretty good full length novel, the plot itself  is definitely creative enough to set the ground work for one. But that's the good thing about short stories the ending is always great and almost always works.
At the beginning I was ready to brush it off as another predictable mystery but half way through or so I had a moment where I just stopped and went "Whoa." From there I needed to know what was going on; I knew that it was something else entirely.

At first I actually gave it a 3 but after some thought I decided to move it up to a 4. I love it when stories end the way it did, and who knows maybe if it had been longer I would have given it the 5; because I honestly can't explain why I liked it and that's basically borderline of a 5 when I don't even know why I liked it.

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