Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thoughtfull Thought: Same Song Different Tune

I guess that title also works with country music as someone once felt the need to point out that "it's all the same." And I guess they were kind of right, but that goes with all music and all forms of story telling really.

Someone left me a comment saying that they were tired of "the romance crap that is getting published;" while I'm sure they didn't mean much from that comment it actually got me thinking.
First off I sort of have to agree with it in the sense that yeah a lot of books being published now seem to be... not what they used to be?

Although the question also arises, maybe I think that because I'm older. Maybe if I had read them when I was 15 I'd have loved them as much as everyone else.
It's true when I was 15 I loved romances. Even more the paranormal ones, even though the only ones I can think of are Meg Cabot's The Mediator series. (I would reread a lot, so that's probably why it felt like more.) And the only reason I didn't bother with Twilight was because I had no clue what it was, I'd heard people talk about it but never really processed that it was a hugely popular book series. I think it wasn't until my cousin forced her dad to take her to a midnight release for Breaking Dawn that it hit me. I though about buying it, but only because I saw it at the market check-out line the day before so I thought it would be funny.
I also haven't read The Vampire Diaries, but I have read the constant reviews saying that it's just a Twilight ripoff. Um... hate to burst those readers bubbles but The Vampire Diaries was published 15 years before Twilight.
And Stephine Meyer did not invent vampires, they're a tale as old as time. And so is that tale as a matter a fact.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that it's all the same!
I just realized that I have six books with reincarnated characters dealing with past memories. There are very few stories that would fall in the "new," "original" or "different" categories, sure I'll be the first to admit that I'm always saying that a book was like "nothing I've ever read before." But what do you expect I just admitted to constantly rereading Meg Cabot books throughout high school and not only that but I tend to follow the recommendations that show what other fans are reading, so of course a lot of it is going to be the similar, resulting in my surprise when I find something "new.". 

I actually just recently read something in a book (which was a lot like another book I previously read) that stated this thought, all stories are the same. It turns out my tenth grade English teacher had already told me this but I didn't remember that until I saw THIS  post, which is pretty much what he told us.

But isn't that how a genre is created? We need more than one love story to have romances, more than one murder for mysteries, one more horrible reality for dystopias. (Although if you ask me those really should be stopped, at least for a short while).
Not to mention all the re-tellings and spin-offs.

It's all a matter of universal theme, and it doesn't get any more universal than love.

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