Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Trailer Thursday: City of Glass

Every Thursday we (all who wish to join and the host Quillcafe) welcome everyone to join us in celebrating the awesomeness that is book trailers.

To participate, on a Thursday you post an entry in your blog with an embedded book trailer of your choice (note: the trailer can be fan made but please no movie trailers of book adaptations) with your thoughts and comments underneath. It can be a book you have read, ant to read or have never even come across before.

This week I've chosen City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

I haven't read this series yet, truth it's not even on my to-read list.
This trailer? Yeah it might put it there. I don't know why I don't really want to. Again this trailer is definitely persuading me. But I don't know I want to try some of her other short stories in some of the anthologies that she's contributed to first. Although I do want to read Clockwork Angel the first of the Infernal Devices series which is the prequel to these so maybe I'll work my way up to them.

Unless someone tells me to READ THEM NOW! Or like with The Hunger Games I get them practically thrown at me; that would work too.

I like the pace of the trailer and would describe it as intriguing, I especially like that it doesn't give anything away from the first two books.

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