Monday, September 12, 2011

Music Monday

Music Monday is a weekly meme for Musings of a Reader Happy, which features all-sorts of music, soundtrack, and fan playlist for music and movies.

I love music and have wanted to join one of these memes for a while, it was actually between this one and one for Thursday at Goodnight Moon, I still might join them too, you can never have too much music in your life.

For my first Music Monday I've chosen Alan Jackson's Where Were You

I clearly don't need to say why. I would have rather avoided saying anything about yesterday since I usually try to remain silent about certain things and I pretty much figured who am I to be sharing my simple little story about how I was just a naive slightly shallow 11 year old just starting out middle school? How I remember the scared and confused looks of my classmates and the stupid comments of the guys who were to afraid to say what they really thought? Or even how that one day completely changed my thoughts on simple little things?

Then it finally hit me, I'm the girl who always wonders about what might have been, if one thing had happened would something be different? Would they be better or worse?
I'm the girl whose mother was asked if she'd consider moving to New York 20 years ago. It would have been a simple move resulting in my dad transferring from his office here in California to, yes the one in the World Trade Center.

Every September I can't help but wonder that if my mom hadn't thought about not wanting to leave her family behind and moved us across the country where would we be right now? I already mentioned that my everyday thoughts have been changed but how much more would my life had been altered?
Turns out that the New York office called the one here in Los Angeles, so my dad actually heard from there while it was all happening, since then he's introduced me to a few people who lost a brother or their son, one person that had a small memorial fountain in his front yard.
In the last ten years I had never realized how connected I am (or could have been), they say everyone has a story but I hadn't realized mine until recently.

People always ask me why I like listening to country music and I think this song sums it all up.

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