Monday, October 3, 2011

Frightful Fall Read-a-thon Update#1

I hit a huge road block with the reading today really that goes for the entire week... I discovered The Dick Van Dyke Show's 50th Anniversary, TVLand is showing it all week.  That show is right up there with I Love Lucy, and if you've noticed that's a lot. Possibly more since I've only discovered it eight years ago and haven't seen it as much.
There's really no explaining what happened that year I just spent my winter break from school watching anything I could find on TVLand, that was pre-Hot In Cleavland when the shows were actually good. (Not that I don't like Hot In Cleveland, it's actually the only thing I watch on that channel anymore, besides Three's Company.

Alright it's only on for three hours so it's not that big a road block, and by then I was pretty done with most of the reading I was going to do today.
I did get to finish Remembrance, I loved it! Full review coming soon, hopefully. And I read one story in The Restless Dead, The Wrong Grave by Kelly Link, more thoughtful and amusing than scary.

I wasn't really planning on joining any mini-challenges but I found one that I couldn't resist.
From Melissa @ Must Read Faster
**Look to the left...the first item that you see is your only weapon during the Zombie Apocalypse*** (Don't cheat and try to find something cool! If the first thing you see are socks then that's what you got!)

What did I see?
My curtains!
Maybe I can use them as a trap? Or wait for them to get super static-y and see if they'll get zapped. It could work. There's a horseshoe hanging behind them can I take that too?
Thankfully they were closed or else I'd be stuck with the plum tree in the backyard.

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