Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 1

I once said I don't know why I bother planning if none of my plans ever work out as planned. Well for this I didn't even let myself think of coming up with a plan.
I'll let you guess how that turned out for me.
Actually no I'm going to tell you how it worked out, because this is the most writing I've gotten done today. I haven't even wanted to respond to certain things that I should really get to.

So let me just start by saying: I'm a little dizzy and sleepy. Which now that I think about it, is probably when I come up with my best writing. Strange but true. Not completely sure why I shared that I can't even blame any candy I might have eaten in the last 24 hours since I've only had 3.
But that's alright, day one I didn't expect much, I still have 29 days and as long as I get something in that time I'm good.

I've probably been aware of NaNoWriMo for about two or three years now, but of course I never got very far. Or really past page one. I tired staring up again last February since I got all inspired by the award show season, but then I didn't get past page two.
Then last year I guess I was going to try to get in a third page, but then I decided to write a script instead. So technically I did write last year, just not a novel. And if you ask me that script was hilarious.

I signed up just because I desperately want to get something done, or again at least started. Not sure where I was going with that.
October was a pretty good month for me, especially if I compare it to last year. Not only did I get a lot of reading done but I was able to find inspiration everywhere I looked.

If only I had written it down. Same thing happens when I write reviews; as I read I think about what I want to say but when I'm done I have no clue what that was. A part of me wants to continue with what appears to be my never-ending story I started 2 (or possible 3) years ago. And I know I can keep it going where I wanted it to but I don't know. It's probably best if I start off fresh and try to work back to it.
One idea that came to me was a historical fiction reincarnation type of thing, that is mostly thanks to the few books I read about reincarnation last month and walking around town seeing all the buildings that still look like they're in the 1950's. Problem with that was I have no clue how that would work.
Another was inspired by someone I knew 4 years ago, I told someone it would make them forget all about "the boy with the bread" at least temporarily. Problem? I should have written at least an outline for it because I don't even remember what it was going to be about.
There may or may not have been a third idea but I don't even remember that. I do know that I did once write down ideas that I thought would be good, I should really consider looking at it now. Even though I do know what I want to write.

I know it's not a recommended idea to be sharing my failed story ideas but I figure since they're both based on my town and someone I knew, if someone wanted to use them they wouldn't actually be my idea. Just acknowledge me as a point of inspiration if you do come up with something for them.

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