Thursday, November 10, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 10

I'm not sure but sometime in the last week I said "You know what? Just forget it. I don't need to write this, in a month."
Since that conversation was with myself I didn't realize that what I was planning on doing was quitting.
Let me just say now I'm NOT a quitter, I usually thrive to complete what I start and try to make sure it's the best. Of course that's usually when I'm working on something against someone else. And even then it's usually because that someone else got me mad and started that fire in me.
I can't that do that with this because 1) It's just me and 2) I like the other writers I've met.

It's pretty amazing the things I've done just to avoid writing, last week I actually knitted a whole bag on a day. It was on a loom so it went by faster, had I actually been using needles I probably would have made a mess. I was suppose to use that as a way to collect my thoughts, but no, of course that didn't work.

I think one of the major things effecting me (besides a somewhat flat plot) is that I can't write a guy without making him sound like a girl or a careless jerk. As it is the one I've written is already reminding me of a girl I knew, who made it pretty obvious she didn't care when I asked for an opinion. So not even my careless jerks sound like men.
But also what I'm making him say is what I would want a guy to say, and who's to say one would actually talk like that?

In an attempt of procrastination and amusement earlier this week on twitter I actually posted:
I NEED A MAN!... to help me with the male protagonists in my story.
One person got that I was joking, another sent me the link to a dating website where I can find myself a "rich man."
While tempting, no. But thanks anyway.

I know that I should be trying to write instead of being here but considering the date I figured I'd share something that inspired my story.

That something being two names written in the cement. I'd have taken a picture but I didn't want to be the weird girl taking pictures of the ground. I only go by in the morning and it's right across the street from a high school and down the street from an elementary school so with the students and parents going by I would have been the weird girl taking a picture of the ground.
I'll try to see if I can get one.
But it's pretty much two names someone wrote while the cement was still wet. You've probably seen some before some of you might have even done it yourselves. I was once offered to put my hand in the cement in our backyard but when I went outside everyone was going in and it was dark so I didn't want to go alone. It turned out nice though, my mom my sister even the dog, no one ever asks why I'm not there.

But enough about me, the reason I'm sharing this is because it just happens to be dated 31 years ago today. Am I easily amused or is that not interesting?

I was kind of hoping that sharing my inspiration would encourage me to write more, but yeah not so much. That being said I've decided if I'm not anywhere near 30,000 words by Thanksgiving I'm forgoing half the holiday, although that's not much of a threat since most people either think I'm my sister or that I don't eat anyway. I'm not even joking about that, every year I sit down to eat and someone stares at me mesmerized that I'm actually eating or call me by my sister's name, they haven't even seen her in about 10 years now.
Missing that one little gathering won't be a huge deal, and I will be joining the rest of my family for dinner at night, because honestly? I am so the life of that party.

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