Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas In Canaan

Christmas in CanaanChristmas in Canaan by Kenny Rogers & Donald Davenport
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In the quiet, rural town of Canaan, Texas, a clash between two classmates -- one, a tough farm boy, and the other, a bright, black, aspiring writer -- spins into anunlikely friendship. When the clever arrangement their families devise to teach DJ and Rodney a lesson seems hopeless, their cooperative effort to heal a wounded puppy helps them move past an unsettled battle. Not surprisingly, the truce that follows becomes an amiable kinship.
But can life in Canaan lived under the shadow of racism ever really deliver the milk and honey of the Promised Land? It is amidst the magic of a Christmas they'll never forget that the boys learn a lesson about family, hope and love. And they will know for the rest of their lives that when times are hard, there will always be Christmas in Canaan

"Guess if I'd done my homework that day, none of this would be happenin'."
I've always liked that quote and the whole conversation surrounding it, had DJ done his homework he never would have fought with Rodney and they never would have been forced to spend time getting to know each other. Causing them both to overcome their differences and feelings about each other and making them lifelong friends.

I'd actually never read the book before this, it's just incredibly similar to the Hallmark movie, all book to movie adaptions should be this good, there was maybe only one or two things taken or added, but both are still perfect.

I saw the movie when it first came out a couple of years ago, I'm not even sure why it caught my attention seeing as how I'm not really the made-for-TV movie type, especially of the holiday variety. But I saw Billy Ray Cyrus on some talk show promoting it and it really caught my attention.

That being said; yes Billy Ray Cyrus might have been a big reason I watched. But still I am so glad I did, I've always been a fan of stories based in the '60s when segregation was everywhere and the few people that were big enough to not care and treat everyone equally.
(Yeah I've never been able to describe that well.)

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  1. I saw the movie too..nice review. Merry Christmas :)