Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dusty Reads (3)

Dusty Reads is a weekly meme hosted by Xpresso Reads, featuring a book that has been sitting unread on a home shelf for some time.

The Once and Future King by T.H. White

The Once and Future King
The world's greatest fantasy classic is the magical epic of King Arthur and his shining Camelot, of Merlyn and Guinevere, of beasts who talk and men who fly, of wizardry and war. It is the book of all things lost and wonderful and sad. It is the fantasy masterpiece by which all others are judged.

This just happens to be the book I found that pamphlet on cooking chicken in, there might have been another paper in it but I left them on the counter and they must have been thrown away.

If you read my previous two Dusty Reads post you might have noticed that most of the books on my shelf tend to have a certain theme, alright not all just the first three, that theme being a main character with a sword.
Did you think I was going to say King Arthur? Yes it is a second Arthurian book, and it pretty much shares the same feeling with last weeks The Crystal Cave.

It's going to be a very Arthurian/Medieval year, next year.

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