Saturday, December 3, 2011

Forgotten Bookmarks...

Forgotten Bookmarks: A Bookseller's Collection of Odd Things Lost Between the PagesForgotten Bookmarks: A Bookseller's Collection of Odd Things Lost Between the Pages by Michael Popek
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 It's happened to all of us: we're reading a book, something interrupts us, and we grab the closest thing at hand to mark our spot. It could be a train ticket, a letter, an advertisement, a photograph, or a four-leaf clover. Eventually the book finds its way into the world-a library, a flea market, other people's bookshelves, or to a used bookstore. But what becomes of those forgotten bookmarks? What stories could they tell? 
Forgotten Bookmarks is a scrapbook of Popek's most interesting finds. Sure, there are actual bookmarks, but there are also pictures and ticket stubs, old recipes and notes, valentines, unsent letters, four-leaf clovers, and various sordid, heartbreaking, and bizarre keepsakes. Together this collection of lost treasures offers a glimpse into other readers' lives that they never intended for us to see.

At the end of the summer I went to The Hollywood Museum for the “Lucille Ball at 100, ‘I Love Lucy’ at 60” exhibit, I loved looking at not only the historical memorabilia but at the little things taken from the actors personal lives. Pictures, letters and notes, I think I even saw Jean Harlow's diary.

That's pretty much what this book is, pieces taken from the lives of random unknown people. It's so cool to be able to look into a part of the lives of someone I don't know.
With certain things in this book I couldn't help but think about the person it belonged to and what made them leave that certain thing in the book. 
That's pretty similar to what inspired me to write my "novel" last month, I started wondering about the people that left a little piece of themselves behind for someone to find.

I loved looking at all the old pictures and ads, especially the date on most of them. It's so weird to think that they still exist after all this time.

Strangest thing I've found in a book was a pamphlet on how to cook a chicken.

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