Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday

Dancing Through Life - Wicked

Just as a side note I actually hate when people post up videos they record during the show, other then being distracting to other people, I just feel like telling them to actually enjoy the show. I've been there; you're not exactly enjoying the moment if you're so focused on recording it. And really, is it necessary to post them in the first place?


  1. Wicked is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING show!! I saw it in Los Angeles at the Pantages, which is an incredible theater to begin with, but then add in the set design from Wicked and you've got this incredible story, that I actually makes me dislike "The Wizard of Oz" haha

    1. So many people I know went to see it; I've wanted to since it first opened.
      I had planned to go see it at the Pantages too, for my birthday since it's also their closing night but couldn't get good tickets.

  2. That's the thing though, at the Pantages there is no such thing as bad seats! I went and sat in the back row, because the tickets were the most affordable for me, and I could see EVERYTHING! I actually thought it was better sitting in "nose-bleeds" because you saw everything from the top, and you could see the orchestra pit. I bet it will come back though, it seems to make an appearance at the Pantages at least once a year. :)