Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Winter's Respite Wrap-Up

And I have my first 5 starred book of the year.
Brightest Kind of Darkness

Which I'm giving away here.

I'd don't want to make my ratings a huge deal, but getting a 5 out of me is like an actor getting an Oscar. Just, you know, not as prestigious. Well maybe, who doesn't love high ratings?

Out of 100 books read only 10 might get a 5. I like to think it takes a lot, but of course when I find those few books they surprise me. Meaning that I can almost never explain why I loved them so much.
That being said there's no saying when if ever I'll get a review for it out.

For this wrap-up I'm going to try something new and that's looking at what I read everyday this week.

Monday: I spent the day finishing up Rae of Hope.
Tuesday: Started Life's That Way in the morning and Brightest Kind of Darkness in the evening.
Wednesday: -
Thursday: Got through a lot of Brightest Kind of Darkness.
Friday: Tried reading Life's That Way in the morning.
Saturday & Sunday finished Brightest Kind of Darkness.

And that there explains why I have no clue where the week went; although I did have a cold for most of it so that might be it also.
But more importantly it's also what I'd call time well spent.

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  1. Great job, Diana! I hope you enjoyed the read-a-thon. Thank you for joining me. I hope you will consider joining me for my future read-a-thons. I'm hosting my Spring one at my other blog, Castle Macabre and my summer one will be back at The True Book Addict again. would love to have you!

    Hope you're getting over that cold. =O)