Friday, February 17, 2012

Days of Vegeance

Days of Vengeance (a paranormal horror novel)Days of Vengeance
by Tim Kizer
3 of 5 stars

With the last six years of his life wiped out of his memory, Frank begins to suspect he may have murdered his wife Kelly, who went missing shortly before the car crash that caused his amnesia. While struggling to remember his wife and the events surrounding her disappearance, Frank is shocked to find out that Kelly's family has the same suspicions as he does.
As his memories trickle back to him, Frank is still unable to figure out why he has slaughtered his wife. Things take a darker turn when the in-laws give him to understand that they will stop at nothing to make him remember what he has done to their beloved sister.
Frank's search for answers becomes a fight for survival after he rediscovers that his wife's relatives are a clique of serial kidnappers serving a mysterious one-legged man.
However, the question still remains: Why are these people so hell-bent on getting hold of Kelly's dead body?
His options are limited: he either finds his wife--dead or alive--or dies. In his race against time Frank has all the clues to the puzzle, he just has to remember them before it’s too late.

(I'm going to try to keep this review shorter then usual since my hand is kind of hurting and I'd really rather not try typing one-handed.)

It's not like anything I've ever read before and it's also not what I expected. That's both good and bad.

Good because it was new and had some pretty interesting twist.
Bad because it was really hard to get comfortable with.

It's a really easy story to get caught up in and once you're in it you're in, you won't want to stop reading until you get to the end. But it's kind of missing a wow-factor that will make a reader gasp or yell out No way!
Although, maybe that's just me, since I did run across a spoiler when I was getting ready to start reading it.

Spoilers: bad! And this from the girl driven by them.

Pro: It's a pretty cool story plot, that will make you want to finish it as fast as you can.
Con: The characters lacked personality, they all felt like they were the same person with the same thoughts.

For the fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz... While I've yet to read anything by Dean Koontz; Stephen King: yes definitely.


  1. Nice review!
    Shame this book didn't have that hook for you though! And I can't stand spoilers so totally understand the bad spoiler argument here :P hehe.

    Love-A-Thon comment hop :-) You have a lovely blog!


    1. Thanks, and yeah I was hoping that spoiler wouldn't be a huge deal but I ended up just anticipating it.