Friday, February 10, 2012

"To Do" #4 - Whale Watching

This is a list of things to do in my life. I'm making it because I'm big on life experiences.

But these aren't life goals, those are actually important to accomplish. These are things I'd like to experience in my life, however small, although very few actually are.
The items on this list are not in any specific order.

 It's been so long since I've lasted posted anything on my list, and it's kind of sad that the only reason I'm doing so now is because: I completed one!
Wait did I say sad reason? I meant great. Well no, I really did mean sad, I do need to be more consistent in my writing...and everything I do.

So going back to the great news I was able to cross off something from my list: Whale Watching.
Yay! Play the fanfare! (I will eventually bring that back. I've actually been trying to find this celebratory song I heard titled Diana, don't have much details on it but I did hear a part of it in a Donald Duck movie.)

Whale watching is actually one of those things that when I think about it, I think I might have actually already done before. Just with no real results.
It definitely was not my first time on a boat so one of the previous times I had to have seen something. But of course when I think whale watching I want to actually see the whale not just it peaking out for a quick second.
And I don't mean I want to see it jumping out of the water, that would most likely scare me horribly.

I just wanted a tail wave or maybe a little hop. But apparently it's the blue whales that are visible like that and what I saw were grey whales. Blue whales are around in the warmer months. but I was also hoping to see orcas, those were specifically on my list since my cruise in Alaska when people kept announcing that they had seen some.
 Where people where?!

But apparently orcas were a limited engagement.

Did see a lot of dolphins though.
It was while watching these dolphins that I realized I had already seen some in Hawaii. Sorry dolphins I don't consider you whale whales.
It's like wanting to see a movie star but getting a realty star instead.

I'll try to post the whale video soon, I want to edit out all the dull waiting parts out first.

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