Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games - Non-review

This isn't a review since I haven't seen the movie yet, and I probably won't until next week either. This is just something I was inspired to write last night, you see I was up at midnight, just not at any screenings, no I was up sick.
I actually woke up and 12:06 and thought "Hmm, the movie started, I wonder how it's going." That's one (or only) good thing  about when I get sick; my mind just goes off on it's own. Add in that my mind naturally does that when I'm up at night and I can come up with some strange, random and interesting things.
The bad thing is that, I'm in no mood to write at that time, my mind moves to quickly anyway - last night I went from The Hunger Games to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to King Arthur- so when it comes time to write up what I thought it rarely goes well.

But this post was mainly just to look back on the anticipation from the last few months.
And also to say goodbye to the countdown:

Bye-bye awesome flaming mockingjay,  I was amazed and obsessed from the first moment I saw you back in August,(a few days before I finished Catching Fire and became obsessed with the trilogy.) But I'm still not buying a shirt with you on it.
I'll miss you.
So much so that I actually took screen shots of our last few hours together.

Hey, some people dressed up. I took screen shots of the countdown.
I still remember when it said 200.

Alright moving on... Yeah I got nothing. So much for that one.
I'm not sure if I was nervous about it coming out last night or maybe I really was that sick, but I woke up feeling kind of like it was Christmas morning. And much like Christmas night, now I'm not feeling much about it.
Other then I should go see it before I get to the uncomfortable why did I want to see this so badly? stage.


  1. Did you notice that the countdown is stuck on 59 59 59?? Why is that??

    And I remember when it said 200 too lol. It seems like it was yesterday doesn't it??!!

  2. I did notice, I was kind of wondering myself it's weird. I figured it would just be blank.

  3. Yeah me too, because my twilight countdown just says "It's in theaters now!"