Monday, March 19, 2012

The Hunger Games vs. Twilight

Update Tuesday March 20.
I guess I should have written something up to go with this. Mainly my opinion.
I just kind of threw it out there. But thanks for, you know, not sending me angry comments on how it's so stupid to compare the two. Seeing as how one is awesome and the other isn't.
Alright, honestly? I've yet to read Twilight, and only cared to watch the first two movies. But then again, I haven't seen The Hunger Games movie yet either.
For me I lean towards The Hunger Games because I've never had a huge book to movie franchise to look forward to.
And all those angry anti-comparison people are actually right, there shouldn't be a comparison. It's apples to oranges really.

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  1. I think everyone can have a difference of opinion without being yelled at. LOL
    I do however wonder how you are comparing a book (Hunger Games) to the Twilight movies. To really compare you should read the Twilight Books. I am a huge fan of the books but the movies are just ok. I find that it is impossible to compare any book to movie simply because the book is always (in my opinion) MUCH better. One of my favorite books from a childhood was ruined in the movie.... The Outsiders. Anyway just my opionion. Hope Hunger Games lives up to your book.

  2. Well I'm not actually making a comparison, it's like I said apples to oranges, that goes for comparing a book to it's movie version too; since I've also been hugely disappointed by a film adaption of my favorite book (Ella Enchanted)I try not to over-think them.
    I intend to read Twilight eventually, it's one of those bottom of the list type of things but I'll get to them.
    Thanks for commenting.