Friday, March 23, 2012

Meg Cabot Fans Unite!

Have I mentioned that I'm a HUGE Meg Cabot fan? Wait make that have I mentioned lately? Well if you happened to read last weeks Top 10 YA books, you'll know that the answer is Yes.
I've also mentioned that no list of mine is complete without Meg Cabot, she's like my version of comfort food. No matter the book it just feels like a safe zone when I read it.
Therefore there's no real reason to mention it again, but I am anyway!
That's because it turns out Mandy over at The Romance Bookie is as equally obsessed with Meg Cabot as I am.  So we've decided to get our fellow bloggers slash Meg Cabot fans together for a two month event celebrating all things Meg Cabot.
Presenting the Meg-a-Readers Blog Hop!

In honor of Underworld the second in the Abandon trilogy coming out in May and Size 12 and Ready to Rock the fourth of the Heather Welles series coming out in July, we've decided to host a two month long blog hop.

And, of course, we're inviting YOU!

Here the details:

The event starts May 21 15 and ends July 21.

Bloggers can sign up through the linky below to host a day, in which they post their love for Meg, (review, share a Meg story, maybe you've met Meg in person, etc.)

And of course anyone who has read my blog knows that I love read-a-thons, we will also be hosting one at the halfway point.
Starting June 17 and running the entire week to the 23, you're invited to join us in reading as many books written by Meg Cabot as you can. It'll be a Meg-a-thon!

The read-a-thon will also be the breaking point of the mythology/mystery challenge. Where we read beyond Meg and explore books that are similar to the Greek mythology in Underworld (May 21  to June 16) and the chick-lit mystery in Size 12 and Ready to Rock.(June 24 to July 21)
(Suggestion list will be posted at the start of the event.)
We will have a weekly link-up so everyone can share their reviews of what they've read.

We'll also be giving you the chance to show off your creativity with character interviews, in which you pick one of your favorite characters from any of Meg's books and do a mock-interview.
At the end of the week we will choose our favorite to feature and open up a new linky for the next week. If you don't want to do an interview that's alright too, you can do whatever inspires you, all we ask is that you run it by us first.

And of course anyone who wants to host a Meg related giveaway can.

If you're a blogger and a Meg fan interested in hosting a day just sign up below:

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  1. It's live!!! YAY!!! So excited!! Goodreads event is up too! :)