Saturday, April 21, 2012

1 Year "Postaversery"

A year ago today my first ever post went live.
A part of me really wants to say it.

Let that be my blogversery gift to myself.

 Got a new one. I would always say that the tune that starts playing when the fireworks are lit (:51) was my theme fanfare, since it's titled Diana.
I've tried looking up where it's from but have never been able to find anything. Only reason I know it's name is because it's on a CD we have with random celebration songs. From weddings to birthdays and New Years.

You'd think having spent the week looking back I'd have something insightful to say. I'm going to blame it on being hungry.

How about a few stats.
Total all time pageviews: 4,670
Total Posts: Actually published: this is my 164th.
                  If I ever bothered to finished the few I started: 169.
Highest viewed Non Giveaway Post: Meg Cabot Readers Unite

I have to thank Meg herself, for that as soon as she heard about the hop she has been totally supportive. Imagine looking at your stats and seeing:
Yeah. That along with the day I received a box filled with signed copies of her books and a bunch of swag to giveaway during the event were very good moments in blogging for me.

Not to mention the mention she gave on her blog!
There we are right under a picture of her cat. Her CAT!

With that I'd say it's been a very good first year in blogging.

And I just realized she missed the Miss in Little Miss Drama Queen.

It's not the first time that's happened, I've also been referred to as Little Miss Drama.
So what? Too long? Just not paying attention?
The latter is the excuse I give to people who put an E or an extra N in my name.
There's so much to say I don't even know where to begin. So I'm just going to rephrase what I wrote for the Love-a-thon Challenge back in February.

...sometimes when I tell people about my blog I still say I'm starting out. Then I remember oh yeah I'm not really. Although I guess I sort of am, I'm still learning anyway. Still learning that I really need to put myself out there, still learning to devote myself to being more consistent with my postings, still learning that I do not need Dr Pepper to assist me when I write.

The start of this year was really the official start of this blog; everything became more organized and I developed a better writing pattern. I no longer feel like I'm starting out. And I guess we never stop learning, I'm in no position to try and teach someone how to blog but I think I've got the hang of things.

...since so many blogs required following, I figured alright well I have a goggle account, I never use it so it's not like I'm actually following.
I did mention in my first post that I had made previous attempts at blogging, one forced the other out of boredom, which did not end well. Maybe the third time would be the charm. I wasn't even planning on devoting it to books, but thanks to all their advice and support it turned into one. There's no saying where I would be if I hadn't decided to review books.

That last part might be a little hypocritical since I mentioned earlier this week that I want to also have non-book related post because I never wanted to be completely a book blog. Books are what got me where I am, and I'm totally grateful to everyone for accepting yet another book blog into their community.

And thanks to all my followers for definitely making my third try at blogging a charm. I haven't done that much to get my blog out there so my followers mean a lot.

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