Monday, April 30, 2012

"Drama" Moment

I'd like to interrupt our regularly scheduled posting for a very "Drama" moment.

My name is Little Miss Drama QUEEN!!!

Not Little Drama Queen, not Little Miss Drama, and NOT Little Drama GIRL!

Seriously? Is it really too hard to keep track of?

Come on, as writers we should know to always double check what we write. Whenever I mention someone I always make sure I've got the name right.
Sometimes I'll even copy and paste so I'm sure it's 100 percent.

So really what is it? Is it that I'm American that you won't acknowledge the royalty part of the name? I'm not asking for curtsies, and hey I never got to calling my followers "Loyal Subjects," which was an original possibility.

I know, I know it really isn't a huge deal, but we can't have a "Drama" moment without some drama now can we?

Well I guess we could if you believed my name was Little Miss Queen.
What am I? A Queen fan? As much as I like 70's rock, no.

As someone whose name is constantly changed to Diane, Dianna or even Dania, I'm a little bugged about it. (Especially Dania, seeing as how the person who wrote that was a family member.)
I introduce myself and most people immediately feel the need to inform me that Diana was a princess (some stranger guys feel the need to tell me she died... in case I didn't know?) Clearly it's a pretty common name. I thought the same could be said about Little Miss Drama Queen but I guess not.

Point of the moment: Always double check, not just for me but for everyone you write about.


  1. I agree, Diana! You tell 'em!

    I also wanted to stop by and tell you that you were a read-a-thon giveaway winner! Check your email. I sent you a message this morning. =O)

    1. Thanks for the reminder I actually saw the email, but couldn't respond right away.