Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today lets look back on some of the random things I've written.

We could always start with the time I shared my Prince William dream.

There was my discovery of The Hunger Games. And my growing obsession for it. Which grew and grew some more. And when I confessed my love to Catching Fire.
Then of course there was my review for Remembrance which almost came out as a love letter.

All those times I mentioned an infatuation.
From Meg Cabot. to Lucy.
I'll admit I'm surprised I haven't gone on about guys more often.
Oh right, totally forgot about that Zac Efron's girlfriend comment. I was kidding! Why would I want to be his girlfriend for just the day? Give me a week at least!

One of my few considerable rants.

How about when I admitted that Tequila did Not make my clothes fall off. Or when I was more excited about a read-a-thon than my birthday.
Oh! how about the time I revealed my horrible math skills.

My attempt at writing a novel. (Although side note this week my mom gave me an awesome story idea and looking back on these post also gave me another interesting idea.)

You might remember there was a time I was hopeful for my relationship with Wizards First Rule. That only lasted a few chapters.

Oh to explain what goes through my mind when I write. We can always save that for next year.

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