Friday, April 20, 2012


This is the one post I was looking forward to this week and I just don't want to write it.
It is just way to hot, even more so with the computer running. Not sure why I don't just use my laptop, mostly because it takes me forever to write and I tend to wander around. Both the house and the web.

What makes it even worse, is that I'm not allowed to touch the air conditioner so my room is about 85 degrees right now.
Oh, no it just went up one; so 86.

And I'm pretty sure my mood the last couple of days is also amplifying it.

Wednesday ended on a bad note, and Thursday started on one... actually Thursday started at 3.  Which gave me about 4 hours of sleep. My "neighbors" (sister and her husband in the next room) are loud enough to make me go on an angry rant. Simply said: stage whispers can still be heard. Kind of makes me want to play one of those videos they show before movies.
How cute is that?!

Anyway to quickly finish my "poor me" story, I went to see American Idiot last night, went to bed at midnight and was awoken 30 minutes later.
Really I'm surprised I'm functioning as usual today.
Although I have been stuttering.

Now transitioning to my point: what makes all that go away? What do I turn to at 4am when I realize I'm not going back to sleep?


What do authors do?
They write books.

So thank you authors for doing what you do and offering me my favorite form of escape. Or really only form.

I also have to thank the authors who have given me the chance to review their books on here. Extra thanks if I said something weird during the review.

Really it was a compliment when I compared Rae of Hope to the movie Too Many Girls. I like Too Many Girls.

When I attacked certain characters in Intangible, it's because I had nothing else to attack. If I didn't attack they'd all end up like the review I wrote for Unnatural Law.
Which I was totally dreaming about the other night, (seeing as how I haven't been sleeping I enjoyed it all the more) seriously I woke up and was pretty surprise since I read it 4 months ago. That's rare, dream about it while I'm reading it: makes sense. Dream about it months later: time to revisit?

Although if you think the things I said in those reviews are weird you clearly didn't read my reviews for Hermetica of Elysium, in which I describe it as the loser you would befriend so you don't look like such a loser. Or my analysis of readers for Ugly To Start With.

I'm really need to write a bad review one of these days.
Is that mean to say?
I mean I'll basically be writing about how I think this person can't write. I have gotten close to just saying "No I did not like it!" but I just can't do it.
So much for not sugarcoating.

I've been introduced to some pretty interesting books this past year, and I've had my ups and downs while reviewing them but I don't see myself stopping anytime soon, so I'd say things are good in that department. And again thanks to authors for letting me go on this ride and thanks to everyone who reads this for joining me.

Total side note since The Lucky One opened today I just thought I'd share my review for it.

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