Friday, April 13, 2012

A Story of the West

A Story of the WestA Story of the West
by Susan Spence
Published June 1st 2009 by

Matt Daly arrives in Montana Territory with his father John in 1880, eager to begin his life as a cattle rancher.
He thinks life will be hard but simple. However, things get complicated quickly.
First, Matt falls in love when he meets Lavina Lavold, a young woman who has journeyed west with her family from Illinois. She shares his zest for life, and it doesn't hurt that she's very attractive. But it's not clear if the family is just passing through or if they will settle there.
Then there are rustlers who steal cattle on the vast prairie. Though it's dangerous, Matt joins a band of ranchers intent on capturing and punishing the criminals.
Bully Buehler, a neighboring rancher only concerned with profit, causes the most trouble. He thinks the Daly ranch would be an attractive addition to his land holdings, and he's ready to try to take it.
Join Matt as he pursues love and adventure and in "A Story of the West."

A Story of the West: I did and didn't like it. I loved how it flows through time, the story it tells is pretty amazing.
I'm not completely sure what to say, I felt like it was missing something. It's a really easy story to get caught up in and it has multiple moments to pull and keep you in. But it's kind of missing a wow-factor.

I couldn't get very comfortable with it. It actually wasn't that hard to connect with the characters but something wouldn't let me stay connected.
I'm not completely sure what else to say, it was good and I'll most likely be reading it again when I can, but it wasn't for me.

I liked the story and the relationship between the characters. 

 The writing is great the details of certain points... This is one of those books I could "live in," I wouldn't mind staying in the moment it created.

And I did like the ending very much, I'm always saying that an ending can always completely change my opinion of a book.

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  1. Great review..i know what you mean about that wow factor. Someone asked me one time why I only rated a book a three even though my review was in her opinion glowing..i think you nailed was good but just didn't have that wow factor.