Monday, April 16, 2012

Thoughtfull Thoughts

So I never explained the purpose of these thought"filled" thoughts. I recently changed the title since I realized someone might say one of my comments is actually pretty thoughtless of me.

A good example would be my first "thought" Female Authors vs Male Authors, in which I say I prefer reading books written by women, now someone who saw that and then read my reviews might say "Hey if you don't like the way men write, why do you keep agreeing to review their books?"

Well the answer to that is: 1. I really don't know what makes me choose the books I review (more on that later this week) and 2. Andy Gavin's The Darkening Dream, the first book offered to me for review that I gave 5 stars to. Just because I prefer one thing doesn't mean I'm going to ignore the other, imagine what I'd miss out on.

Just because I don't really like dystopias doesn't mean I'm going to stop reading them, the dreams and after-effects they leave me with are too awesome.
Oh and 3. if I only stuck to one gender, I think that would make me sexist

Unfortunately after that thought I only ever had one more thought that seemed to make sense, Same Song Different Tune. After that the few I posted were just random Oh hey you'd fit here lets work you in type. And then the one I'm showing everyone else how obsessed with The Hunger Games I am this week, I'll share that with you too! Then I just threw in the tag.

Thoughts come but then they go pretty quickly too. And like I said in yesterday's post about my first ever post sometimes they take me a while to write. I am getting better though.
Like this post here? Might actually go up on the day it's written.
Sometimes I try getting them ready the day before but I'm also lazy.

Since when I started I said I didn't want to completely be a book blog, the way I do things is: one week devoted to books. "It's Monday..." posts, Top 10s, Dusty Reads, Reviews. (If anybody know of something that can fill in my Thursdays I'd love to hear about it.) Then non-books: thoughtfull thoughts, tune-in Tuesdays, "To-Do" list and whatever comes up.
My non-book weeks are still a work in progress.


  1. Cool, I love that you want to branch out a little. Those always wind up being my favorite posts. Looking forward to it.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like them. I'd like to try and mix things up so it's not so repetitive.