Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tune In Tuesday - Hey Jude

Tune In Tuesday is a fun weekly post hosted by Ginger at GReads.
 Whenever I'm having a bad day I always turn to David Garrett, so much so that I'm actually a little worried that one day I'll begin to associate him with my annoyances.
Now there'll be a bad day that can not be fixed.

Reason I picked this song: a couple of weeks ago I was spending the day with my cousin and she would not shut up about Jude Law. I try not to think much about it because I remember my infatuations from that age, but since she kept saying Jude I decided to start humming the end of the song; which kind of bugs her.
Long story short I hummed it so many times it was stuck in my head the rest of the week, and I had to look up this video.

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  1. I absolutely adore "Hey Jude"! My Grandma actually introduced me David Garrett LOL, she loved him! He was at the time really huge in Germany!