Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Reading

I've actually gotten a lot of reading done lately, I'm halfway through my goal of reading 51 books this year. 21 to go!
But even with that I'm slightly blah, when it comes to reading lately, well what better way to get out of that funk or dive deeper into it (I do get antsy when it comes to timed challenges) than with a summer reading challenge!

Kate at Kate's Book Club is hosting a summer long reading challenge, that sounds like so much fun I can't help but try to join in.

That categories are:
1. One Book Recommended By A Friend.
2. One Book That Has Been Sitting On Your Shelf For Over A Year.
3. One Book You Read A Long Time Ago And Don't Remember.
4. One Book From Your To Be Read List.
5. One Book You've Never Heard Of.
6. One Classic.
7. One Book You Started But Never Finished.
8. One New Release.
9. One Book That Is Outside of Your Typical Genre.
10. One Chunkster (A Book That Is Over 400 Pages).

The goal is to try and read one book for each category.

I will be reading:
1. What A Goddess Wants by Stephanie Julian [READ AUG. 23]
2. Privileged by Zoey Dean (this one was a little hard since my "over a year" books are too long for summer reading, which is why they're still unread.)
3. The Simon & Schuster Book of Greek Gods and Heros [READ JULY 8]
4. Destined by Jessie Harrell   [READ JUNE 17]
5.Guardians: The Girl by Lola St.Vil [READ JULY 14]
6. The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald [READ JULY 22]
7. The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde [READ AUG. 31]
8.The Second Empress: A Novel of Napoleon's Court  by Michelle Moran [READ JULY 20]
9. I Don't Want to be Crazy by Samantha Schutz [READ JULY 12]
10. Insatiable by Meg Cabot [READ JUNE 25]


  1. I have a recommendation!! If you're interested of course :)

    I REALLY recommend Kody Keplinger's stuff! Especially either "The DUFF" or "A Midsummer's Nightmare" (her newest one)! "Shut Out" is great too, it's a modernized novel too! She writes really great stuff, and is only like a month younger than me! (so still 20!!, and on book #3!!)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, I've heard a lot about Kody Keplinger I'll keep her in mind.

  2. You're totally kicking butt! Go you! (Is it shameful that I'm slacking in my own challenge?) You've got some awesome books on that list! I hope you're enjoying the challenge! :)

    1. Thanks! The last month has been really good for me when it comes to reading.
      Good luck with your reading!