Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who Said It? Mini Challenge #1

Time for a mini challenge Meg-a-Readers.
Well Meg-a-Readers participating in the read-a-thon to be exact.

But since this is me, I can't ever have a post about one topic.
The winner for the All-American Girl Giveaway is:

Now for today's challenge; if you haven't noticed I love quotes as much as I love read-a-thons. And I love a challenge that is challenging, well not too challenging because them I'm like: Whatever, I've never even heard of the book that you're talking about. Is this rigged? .

But since this is a Meg Cabot orientated read-a-thon lets hope it's not too challenging and you all know your Meg Cabot characters.

What's the challenge?
I'm going to give you 3 quotes and all you have to do is tell me who said it.

They'll all be main characters and all from her YA books.

1) "I've never even been to Long Island”

2)  “But. . . you said we were going to play Parcheezi.” 

3) “If all people became ghosts my social life would be so over"

Totally my opinion but I think they're pretty easy. Or at least easy enough to search.

What can you win?
2 Meg Cabot bookmarks.

Either answer in the comments or FILL OUT THIS FORM. (with a form your answers are safe from non-google searchers.)

But whichever you prefer.
Challenge runs until Thursday.
US only.

I'd also love to hear what books you've read so far.

Me; I'm still working on Insatiable.


  1. I know the answer to Number 3!!! But I feel like a total failure for not being sure on the other two lol

    1. Yeah #3 is pretty obvious if you know the story. #1 might be a little tough since the book isn't as popular and I don't know about #2.
      But I did make it 2 out 3 so, it's still a good chance.