Friday, July 13, 2012

Last Meg-a-Readers Giveaway

Alas the time has come for my final Meg-a-Readers giveaway.
And I’ve saved my favorite for last!
But first:
The winner of Ready or Not:
Dana C.

And of course Mandy and I are still giving away Insatiable and Overbite.

I finished Overbite earlier this week and loved it! I’m barely getting over it.

(Although I was dreaming about vampire hunters, and just discovered a new movie coming out this weekend featuring them. I know it’s SYFY so I shouldn’t have my hopes too high but everything in me is telling me to watch.)

So I guess I’m currently running two giveaways of my favorite books.
What’s the other?
A double feature of When Lightning Strikes and Codename Cassandra; the first two of the 1-800 series.
Vanished: When Lightning Strikes & Code Name Cassandra

A gift…or a curse?
Jessica Mastriani has never liked attention. All she wants is to make it to high school graduation like any ordinary girl. But when Jess is struck by lightning, she becomes anything but ordinary: suddenly she has the ability to locate missing children.
Now Jess is getting noticed in all the wrong ways and by all the wrong people. The media is obsessed with her and her story. The FBI is tapping her phone. And what’s going on with sexy senior Rob? Soon Jess learns the hard way that not everyone who is lost wants to be found….
With no one to trust, it's up to Jess to decide what to do with her new power—before it’s decided for her.

These here, are my stranded on an island books.
These, and the other 3 in the series.
I first read them at the end of my freshman year, 7 years ago, and re-read them every summer up until maybe two years ago.  And now that I don’t read them as often I frequently watch Missing, the show very loosely based on it. “Girl hit by lightning finds missing people; that’s about the only thing they have in common. But I found it on DVD last year and literally jumped at it. Unfortunately it’s the second season, so I’ve only seen a few of the first. If you’re a fan of crime/mystery shows and you ever get the chance to watch I suggested you do. Just don’t make any comparisons.

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