Monday, August 20, 2012

Sit Down and Write Write-a-Thon

Someone somewhere is looking at this and going "Really? You?"

Well alright, I know who that someone is, and she isn't aware of this blog. Or at least doesn't read it... as far as I know.

This is a pretty odd -athon for me to join, since I'm too much of a scatterbrain to just sit down and write. Especially this week when I feel like I need to get a lot done since I'm going camping this weekend.

But I've been wanting to catch up on a lot of things, I'm not even sure where to start.
And it's even in the stars:
Which goes well with the fact that I haven't updated my other blog, which just happens to be about telling friends what's really going on.

I'm not going to set in official goal because, really, I just want to write.

1 comment:

  1. Just do it, girl! And good luck with whatever you decide to work on. So glad to see another regular with me this week. Thank you!