Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dewey's Read-a-Thon

This is my third time participating in this read-a-thon. I started last April, totally missed last October, but I made it back in April. So yes, this is my first October.

The only real difference I can see is that this time around I'm done with my reading goal, which I guess means I won't be super excited when I finish a book and see that I'm one step closer.
Now I can be super excited about not only surpassing that goal but reading more than I did last year.

I've woken up early so that will guarantee me a few good hours. During the read-a-thon last April I had reasons to be upset and couldn't enjoy myself as much. April was a very bad month.
Everything since has been pretty good, more or less, but yesterday started out promising and then we went back to April. Which is why I'm choosing to enjoy my morning.

Anyway READ-A-THON!!!
I'll be reading:
Ten Things I Hate about You Havana Nights
I'm not going for a theme here, those 2 are just short.
 Tuck EverlastingVengeance (Transcend Time, #1.5)


  1. Good luck! I hope you'll enjoy the read-a-thon fully this time around!

  2. I hope your day is looking up and that you have lots of fun! Enjoy your books :) And congrats on already reaching your reading goal!!

  3. Hope your day is better and good luck with your reading!