Friday, October 12, 2012

Masquerade - Review

Masquerade by Rivka Spicer
My rating 3 of 5 stars
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Oceana is a hard-working, straight down the line indexer with an attitude. Tristan is the millennia old executioner for the vampire council. 
They meet when Tristan seeks her help on a case and she is unwillingly drawn into his twisted and violent world where nothing is as it seems on the surface. As she discovers through Tristan who and what she is, Oceana's life changes irrevocably and the only choice she believes she has left is whether or not to give her love to this charming, perplexing and dangerous man, but even that is twisted around her by the masquerade that is life amongst vampires.

I wanted to like it I really did. But... I just don't know.
A lot of it felt like Vampires for Beginners. 
Vampires this and vampires that.

Nowadays we know what's what in the vampire world, we don't need so many chapters trying to introduce us into it.
If you're gonna tweak some of the lore, have at it but avoid the obvious.

Reading this was a total roller coaster. It got my attention but then all of a sudden it would just drop. I can't count the number of times I would stop and think "He/She did not just say that!"

The relationship between the two main characters is great, although at times a bit creepy.
I just don't think it's romance novel enough to get away with their behavior towards one another.
Oceana you just met this guy, he told you he's a vampire; but you're completely 100 percent comfortable with him.
Well aren't we accepting.
He can and has said he wants to kill you, and you trust him enough to sleep with him.

I wanted to like this I did.

I'm going to take some time, revisit and maybe I'll re-review it at a later time.

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