Monday, November 26, 2012

Stacking the Shelves {4}

I've learned something last week, never schedule a review during a holiday. I am so behind on posting here, I just realized that I've only had eight post this month, I had more last November and I said I wasn't going to be posting.
That lesson is much better than the one I was afraid of learning which was: If you see The Hunger Games trilogy for 10 dollars don't take the weekend to think about it.
Especially since the sale only runs the weekend.
I fought with myself I did, I went to see Breaking Dawn on Saturday and halfway through the movie I started wishing my phone had internet service so I could buy it then... and there's my review of that movie.

I did buy the books:
The Hunger Games Trilogy

That's actually all I've bought since my last post, which surprises me since there are so many books that I've almost bought but stopped myself. I'm dedicating 2013 to my self-control on book shopping, or at least the rest of the year or maybe just the month.

But conveniently my cousin was getting rid of some of her books so I managed to get a couple:
Eclipse (Twilight #3) Family Affairs (Secrets of My Hollywood Life, #3)

I also almost took her bookshelf... without the books.

Pretty Little Liars #8: Wanted Juliet Immortal Gathering Blue Going Bovine The Oscar Wilde Collection Big Boned (Heather Wells, #3) Shutter Island The Haunting of Hill House The Goddess Hunt (Goddess Test, #1.5) The Host (The Host, #1) The Selection (The Selection, #1) Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)

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  1. OMG I have seriously the same goal next year! No more buying every book I want! lol! I have a serious problem!! lol