Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Snapshot [6]

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I can believe November is gone and I haven't participated in this for a month now.

And how was your Novembers?

November and April I never feel them.

I'm going to continue the Italian theme I started oh so long ago. (End of October). And share some pictures from Venice.

Riding in the gondola.

Those statues hit the bell at the top of the hour so I also have some pretty cool video of them somewhere.


  1. Venice is so beautiful. That clock tower was under renovation when I was there, so they had a big sheet in front of it with a picture of what it looked like!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Lucky girl to have visited Venice! Love the second picture of the canal panorama ... sigh!

  4. My dream is to visit Venice one day. Gorgeous!

  5. These are great shots. I would enjoy a gondola ride! Thanks for sharing.