Friday, December 7, 2012

Sixtus - Review

Sixtus (A Horror Thriller)Sixtus by Tim Kizer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zack, a skinny fifteen-year-old nerd suffering from polydactyly, butchers his parents, a schoolmate, and a cop after becoming friends with a mysterious entity named Jeremy.

Who--or what--is Jeremy? And what are the reasons behind this killing spree? If you think you know the answers, chances are you are wrong.

Sixtus is totally way, way out of my comfort zone. It would probably surprise a few people to hear that I even read it. (Although that really might not have too much weight to it since for some odd reason I'm always surprising people with my choices.)

It's probably because of my unfamiliarity with the genre (not counting the other two books I've read from Tim Kizer) that I liked it as much as I did. It's not something overly done and it's different from any everyday read.

The story is pretty short but that's actually a good thing, you don't get too into the story and you don't really get to know what kind of person the main character Zack is. And you barely find out who- or what- Jeremy is.
But I liked that, the length and unanswered questions added to the mystery of it all.

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