Monday, January 14, 2013

Because It's Time to Come Back

I think my break from writing here has gone on long enough. I'm actually kind of making myself write this since I promised that I would start up again today.
I actually planned to start up again sometime last week, but well, that's kind of why I said making myself write.

I'm still hibernating after my holiday break, I say hibernate now, but had I written this last week I probably would have used a different "H" word.

Januarys are sleepy for me and slower than I would like. But then again I do say that about April and November too. You'd think I'd learn to plan ahead for those months.
I don't really know what would be planned since I don't actually do much those months. Maybe it's the way I don't do those things. I know I should try reading shorter books I don't have too much hope for, I'll get through them faster if I actually do (my reading piles up those months) and it won't be a big deal that I didn't like them because I'm usually not in a mood to care anyway.

I still need to finish a book I started at the end of October but stopped because I was enjoying it.

Figure that out.

I noticed that recently with another book I enjoyed, it's harder for me to keep reading them when I stop myself.

Does that make sense?

If I start reading it there's no stopping me, but if I take a break to do something else I can't let myself jump back in.
Although while I am doing that something else I am thinking about the book.

I'm weird, let's blame it on January.

Looking forward to another year of blogging, I noticed a few days ago that I was 100 days away from my second blogaversery, conveniently in April.

Leave it to me to start blogging during one of my "down" months.

Hopefully this time around will be a lot better than last year. No whining; no matter how sleep deprived I am.
And a lot more, by which I mean better, giveaways.

But that's actually more year round.

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