Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday Giveaway!

Without pointing out the obvious, what with that title, it's my birthday.
As I write this I'm not really in the mood to make a big deal about it, I've noticed that since November I've been sick during any notable days. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year. You want to get technical it started on Halloween.
And now that I think of it two, maybe three, of those four times involved Dr Pepper.
Moving on...

Last year I gave away my first 5 starred book of the year Brightest Kind of Darkness, this year it would be The Goddess Legacy, or really any in the series I just chose that one since it's sort of a prequel to them.
But I started to think that my love for these books have probably made me blind and not everyone is going to like them. Especially since they're mythology and it's not big with too many. And it's not the only book I've liked this year, but I've decided to not give a book.

Instead I'm giving you what I would give anyone else on their birthday, a necklace I made!
(Which I will be selling soon, as in as soon as I bother looking into selling.)
Plus a weaved bracelet (or bookmark which ever way you want to use it) of the colors of your choice.

Since I'm 23, and 3 is my favorite number (don't ask why I don't remember anymore, it might be a numerology thing.) I'm giving away 3!

US only.
Follow required. It's my party, so no crashers for this giveaway.
Extra entry for spreading the word on the giveaway.

Fill out the form HERE

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  1. HAPPY Birthday Diana!!!

    I hope it was awesome!! :)