Sunday, January 6, 2013

My [hacked] Year So Far

While this blog is still suppose to be on hiatus until next week, I got a text message at 6 this morning that made me very paranoid and has taken up most of my morning, aka valuable reading time.

Let's go back to last night, I finished reading Goddess Interrupted, loved it so much I remembered the meaning of book hangover. It's a lovely feeling isn't it?
So I'm totally buzzing from the book and trying to figure out if I should read The Goddess Legacy or just skip it for The Goddess Inheritance (the actual continuation.)  I started reading both since I figured I should let the end wear off before I go diving in again but well I really want to keep reading.

I did find some self-control and told myself to stop and go to bed, well sleep I was already in bed. And while trying to sleep, visions of gods and goddesses danced in my head. That and books I want to swap for, get from the library or browse the bookstore for.
Let's say it's good I don't have a car or know about an all night bookstore (how awesome would that be though? and by awesome I mean oddly strange).
And hindsight, I guess there is a 24 hour bookstore called the internet!
I blame the visions of gods dancing in my head for keeping me from that realization.

I'm pretty sure I was dreaming about it, of course it's me how could I not, and I do know while I was sleeping I kept telling myself I should take a break today to slow down.

Well I guess my subconscious got it's way because I got a text message this morning from non-other than myself!
I know I have a tendency to do things while I'm half asleep and not realize it until I'm fully conscious but I really don't think I got on my computer and started sending spam to myself.

Thankfully I don't talk to too many people, the few people I do, have been contacted and others were inactive emails so some good did come of it, my address book has been cleared out from the looks of it. And the few other emails mentioned were from either readers that have won a giveaway here; so hopefully you have no clue who the email was from and ignored it anyway and maybe authors, again hopefully it was ignore.
Although honestly if I ever get an email like that, I don't care who sent it, if it doesn't have a subject and all it contains is a link I probably won't open it anyway. Here's hoping I'm not the only one.

Passwords have been changed and everything I know I can do has been done. But of course now I'm super paranoid especially since while looking at the blogs I follow here there are a couple I have never heard of. Not completely sure what to do about that, other than unfollowing everyone and I'd rather not do that just yet but if something not right occurs around here, I can only think of getting new accounts so lets hope that doesn't happen.

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  1. Dang! I hate Hackers so much!! I've had to change my email passwords probably twice in the last year, and then my Twitter like 4! It's ridiculous!