Saturday, February 23, 2013

Love-a-thon Mini Challenge #3

I've mentioned before that not only do I love music but I love it when authors give their books playlist. And when I saw this was going to be a challenge I wanted to come up with something. But I didn't.
And now as late as I'm writing this post, (I honestly don't know where the last 24 hours have gone. Well other than this.) I've still got nothing.
So I owe you a new playlist.

For now I figure it'd be a good time to share some past playlist.

Top Ten Books I'd Give a Song
Sentence to Song Challenge from the Wicked Winter Read-a-thon (the song choice here was also shared in my top ten list, but this post had a Disney video.)

One song I would have added to my playlist had I made it would have been Palladio for The Goddess Inheritance, I threw it in at the end of my review for it which I'm posting this Tuesday (book's pub. date), so this is kind of like a sneak peak for that.

I was obsessed with this song as much as I was (am) obsessed with the book. From the moment I heard it while reading I knew that from then on it would always remind me of Kate and Henry.

Author made playlists: (the songs are picked by the authors but I put the playlists together and since I don't use anymore I'm sure a few tracks are missing.)
Rae of Hope by W.J May
Remembrance by Michelle Maddow

And I love Libba Bray's playlist for The Diviners, like I said in my interview I was born in the wrong era.

Before I make any playlist myself I really need to figure out spotify.


  1. I love Libba's playlist! I haven't read the book but I can certainly appreciate old fashioned music :)

  2. This is one challenge that I didn't do. I just can't do playlists so I'm impressed by all of you who did!


  3. I haven't read The Goddess Inheritence yet but I've heard great things about the series. I tend to listen to music way out of my age range too - I'll happily sit and listen to big band music for hours :)

    1. To me music from the past just seems so peaceful, I'm with you on happily sitting and listening for hours.