Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top Ten Authors On My Auto-Buy List

Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Look at that a chance to gush about our favorite authors. (Cough, cough Meg Cabot.)

Oh, look! 1) Meg Cabot, the reason I read, probably also the reason I write. I've bought her books she wrote before she was Meg Cabot.
That's published as.

2) Libba Bray. I've yet to find one of her books I don't like.

3) Michele Jaffe. If only she'd write more!
Although I shouldn't say that since I still have one waiting to be read and have yet to buy her last.

4) Michelle Moran. I don't even know why, she's just that good.
And I do like history.

5) Anna Godbersen

6) Richelle Mead. And I'm only two books in with her.

Also very excited about the Vampire Academy movie, even though I realized last night how old I'll be by the last if they make the entire series.

7) Aimee Carter. Still a little on the fence about her, but considering I gave the whole Goddess Test series 5 stars that's a chance I'd take.

8) Lesley Livingston

9) Rose Pressey, I don't judge a book by it's cover but hers are so cute!

10) Emma Harrison aka Kieran Scott