Friday, March 29, 2013

Gone Vintage

Earlier this week I posted my review for the recently (like also this week) published book Going Vintage. In which the main character, Mallory, decided to "go vintage" by giving up all forms of technology that didn't exist 50 years ago, after discovering that her boyfriend cyber-cheated on her.

Well, I've decided to join Mallory.
After reading the first chapter of Mallory deciding to go vintage, I thought "Yes! I'm going to do that too!" Then within the hour I had a list of things I'd have to give up.
After seeing my list I decided that it might be best to see how it works out with Mallory. And after finding out how, for some reason I still want to go through with it.

I'm actually giving this book a lot of credit, since giving up technology has been something I've wanted to try for some time now.
Estimated time when: maybe two months after joining Facebook and realizing nobody cares if I gave up and failed my final!
And why should they? I honestly don't care about their constant complaints on how they hate their jobs. Or what they're eating or drinking. Or their exact location, I'm constantly threating that if I had a car, and nothing better to do, I'd follow those people around.

I've always been the old-fashion type complaining about the attachment we've developed with our gadgets.

Anyway, this book is a great excuse to finally attempt to give up technology myself.
I'll admit; all week I've been fighting with myself that, in the end, this is a pretty dumb idea for me to try. (At least Mallory had her sister.) I've been pretty much knocking myself down.
Hey, I gave up and failed my film final, it shouldn't be such a surprise that I have such little hope for myself. I'm my biggest roadblock, anyone else says I can't, I make sure I prove them wrong.
In this case let's hope I prove myself wrong.

I will have a few exceptions, the world has a tendency to spin faster when I check out:
  • I'm only giving myself an hour (or two we'll see how it goes, but that's more of a "just in case"idea) on the computer a week, and that's mainly just to update things here. Also to do an email check, which will be the hardest for me.
It's the only thing I use my phone for, well that and music.
  • Speaking of my phone, I need work so if it rings I am answering it. It really isn't that big of an obstacle for me since the most my phone rings in a week is three times.
And as I wrote that my phone rang.
My mom asking me to do something for her, which leads me to number three:
  • People tend to make me their personal secretary and ask me to do things for them, which is why I'm giving myself three passes a week.
Probably two more than I'll need, but again "just in case."
  • Also since I'm not giving up blogging I'm not giving up reviewing books either.
And my final excuse for not completely giving it all up, I mean "exception":
  • My career choice is strongly computer, like 80% strongly. And conveniently the week we covered the other 20 I was out sick. Like I said the world spins faster when I'm not there to see it. One lady has a baby and everything stops for I don't know how long (long enough for me to make a button and banner for this experiment.) But me I leave sick one day and miss 20 percent! I'm going to try and work that out this coming week, but needless to say once I'm in front of that computer all bets are off.

Like my negative self said with all these exceptions it is a pretty dumb thing for me to attempt.

I will begin as soon as I turn off the computer. For how long?
No idea.
Negative me says until I throw myself off the wagon, because it will not be a fall but a jump. Kind of like when you give in to that cupcake that has been calling your name.
And optimistic me says until I'm back in my own room, complications which I have complained enough about have taken it over. My bookshelf, my closet, my Hunger Games poster, it'd be nice to have them back.

Speculations claim that I'll have it back maybe June.
I highly doubt that.
So either when I reconnect my computer in my own room, mid-June or until I give up. Whichever comes first.

So place your bets!
Or you know just enter this giveaway for this oh-so snazzy Going Vintage bookmark signed by author Lindsay Leavitt!


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