Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tune In Tuesday - Nine

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I recently checked and came to the conclusion that I'm almost done with the musicals.
We're almost there!
"Almost" that I might just throw them all together and be done with them.
Just like I wanted to do with this week's.
There aren't too many musicals I disliked but Nine is one of them. (Another is Rocky Horror but not for the obvious reasons.) It's probably since it all takes place in the guy's head; I loved that in Chicago but I think it made more sense in that movie.

I do love the music though.

After we saw a live performance of this song my mom decided I should look for an agent, I almost did just to see how she'd react but chances are she'd have been all for it.

Every once in a while this reminds me of my film class, mainly how it ended at 11 at night and by the end I was so out of it I'd start singing.
Someone would say a film related word mentioned in the song, so it wasn't completely random.

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  1. Is that Kate Hudson?!? If that really is her singing, I'm impressed. And if it's someone else singing, I'm still impressed lol!