Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tune In Tuesday - West Side Story

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Tune In Tuesday is a weekly feature in which bloggers get to showcase another one of their loves, music!
Last week I made a joke about how I could continue connecting musicals by the actors.
I could, but don't want to.
Mainly because my three (or four) choices were:

Nick Jonas (from the stage production): Camp Rock,
Zac Efron: High School Musical 2 (2 because it's the only one I bothered watching. Reason: visiting family, so bored.)
Michelle Pfeiffer: Grease 2
and of course John Travolta, but I already did Grease.
(Yeah, I couldn't sleep one night, you'd be surprised how far I got. Or worried, depends on how much you care.)
No, NO, didn't see it all, and there's no such thing as too much Grease but I'd like to keep things moving.
So back to the randomness:

Favorite part.
Which might imply that I've posted this previously.

Here's the trailer too:

Did you know it's pretty much Romeo and Juliet? I can't tell if a lot of people do or don't know that.
I once heard a girl go on how Romeo and Juliet was "Just like West Side Story!"
How ever did Shakespeare do it?
But really, with that knowledge certain things shouldn't be too surprising.
But then again I did once have a girl scoff/gasp at me for saying that I was so into a performance of Romeo and Juliet that I almost forgot that they died at the end (you gotta have hope for them!) I guess I spoiled the end for her.


  1. Haha, that poor girl who thought Shakespeare based his play on "West Side Story"! That is disturbing.

    Also, I feel the need to say that I am a proud owner of all three "High School Musical" movies and soundtracks. I even saw the 3rd movie in theaters...when I was like 24. What can I say -- they are high quality!

    My pick for this week.

  2. Do you want to know something quite sad and disturbing? I have actually not seen West Side Story. I did know it was based off of Romeo and Juliet but have failed to watch it yet. Major fail, I know!

  3. It has been AGES since I've seen West Side Story! I remember being underwhelmed by it all - being a huge musical fan - but that was when I was a young teenager. Maybe I'd feel different about it now? I do like the music, though! Thanks for sharing!! :)