Monday, April 15, 2013

2 Year Blogoversery Week!

It's been two years since I started! And I have I felt them?
Not at all!

As I've said before I'm still growing. I'll probably be saying that at the five year mark too.

I do sometimes wonder if I'll make it that far. Then again I never thought this blog would make it past September.

Seeing as how I couldn't remember my official start date, I celebrate throughout the week.
Yes it is fun stretching it out, but that's my main reason for doing it this way.

Of course what's a blogoversery celebration without a giveaway?

I've got a few more Going Vintage bookmarks signed by author Lindsey Leavitt!

[front and back]
Yes blogs weren't around in 1962, hey I wasn't even an idea then, but we should still party like it is.
I'd be a lot more interested in spring break on the beach if we could do it like those Frankie Avalon movies.
I've got 4 bookmarks for 2 winners (one for you and one for a friend, or both for you nothing wrong with being a bookmark hog.)
Plus maybe some extra surprises.
Trust me when I figure out what they'll be even I'll be surprised!
I am hoping to try to go to the LA Times Book Festival this weekend so who know maybe I'll pick something up there.
"Hoping to try", doesn't that just give you hope?
Either way you're getting something, well mainly the two winners.
Must be a follower.
GFC is the only way, thanks to my twitter followers but I don't update that enough to consider it following. Also during my last giveaway someone said they followed me through email and I'm not sure that's possible.
Maybe I'm wrong, feel free to prove it in the comments, find a new way to follow this blog and I'll give you an extra 2 entries! (Proving it means I do need proof.)
Maybe it really is possible, I'd love to know about it though.
Here's hoping this year's blogoversery is better than last year.
This would be the part where I would give an example of this very dramatic thing that could happen and say it would still be better than last year or say as long as I don't do this overly dramatic thing it should be good.
But I'd rather not jinx it or make you think I need serious help.

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  1. not entering any giveaway, just congratulating you on your 2nd blogiversary! have fun!