Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blogoversery Tune In

Since it's my blogoversery week I can't just do one Tune In Tuesday.

A few of my favorite Tune In post from this past year.

First off let's start with today's, featuring the Beach Boys!
You can learn a lot about a person by the music they like. Alright I'm not sure if I believe that since my music likes range pretty wide.
You can still learn something about me from my post since I usually share a story with my song picks.
Like since October to the end of last month we learned I like musicals.
Even the less popular ones. Really that shouldn't even be associated with the word "popular."

We learned that I was an annoying teenager, I shouldn't say teenager though since it probably lasted for a while later. At least according to my mom, who decided to give me a certain theme song.
For the record I was not desperate I was just obsessed. I believe my exact words were: "You're not obsessed with getting a man; you're just obsessed!"

We learned that I started another blog, where you can learn a lot more about me, like I haven't been there in 8 months. Also that I suck at keeping resolutions.

And we know I'm a country fan and a total softy when it comes to a sweet romance. A part of me wants to share the book I was reading that made me think of that song, but another part kind of wants to make a scavenger hunt of it. It's not that hard really just look up the next review I wrote after that post.

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