Friday, April 5, 2013

First Days Always the Hard Ones

My first week in which I attempt to give up technology (mainly the internet), wasn't that bad once I got past the withdrawals. After a while it actually felt pretty natural to be away from it all.

The first days are always the hardest, I came home from work on Saturday and really wanted to check my email.
So I did. But I didn't read any of them, I just checked it, none were opened.
Then later that day I was handed an ipad and started using it with out even realizing what I was doing. Didn't even realize I did until about two days later... when I saw my toothbrush, the one with the batteries.

It's not until you have to, that you realize how connected we really are.
I can't count the number of times I asked something and was told to "google it." I also realized I don't have a dictionary. And I keep thinking of music I want to listen to but of course can't.

Everything else has gone pretty smoothly.
Except that one email I couldn't resist sending.

Work in progress, come June I'll have to force myself to come back.
But for now I'm thinking that I might need to add another two hours to my two hours a week, seeing as how one hour is barely enough to get through three and a half days of things that need replies and two days of things that need sending.

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