Friday, April 19, 2013

Giveaway Winner + Not Too Gone

While I didn't announce it on here I did pick, and email, a winner for the Blooming Love Spring Blog Hop. But three days later I still haven't heard from them, since I didn't give a timeframe to respond I'm going to give her one more day and announce a new winner tomorrow (Saturday).

So summer seay, check your email!

In other giveaway news, I'm still giving away two Going Vintage bookmarks.

Speaking of vintage. In which I attempt to give up technology (mainly the internet). I skipped an update last week. I'm thinking of keeping them every two weeks instead.

I continue to be handed electronics and use them without realizing. But I am noticing quicker!

Last week I had many "screw it" days and logged on more times than I would have liked. The sad part was that I was trying to talk myself out of it while doing it.

Besides that all is going more or less well.  Of course being away from the internet all week does result in a lot more make up time when I am on, so I might need to come up  with better alternative for that.

And yes, I do continue to ask myself: why am I doing this?

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