Thursday, April 18, 2013

Looking Back

Looking back on my two years, of course my top moment was and will most likely always be, my part in the Meg-a-Readers. [cough cough sign ups still open.] That's probably a story I'll continue to share for a while. But really what would top it? Especially since I do have a tendency to go on about Meg.

Of course it isn't just her books I could, and have, gone on about.
And it's not just books but their characters. Of course it's not always with love that I think of them.
No matter what I feel about a character they always leave me asking "where are the REAL hot guys?"

Hey it's not only the fictitious that get my attention but of course my family and friends, although if they read that I wonder who stuck around.

I've gone on about my bookshelf "woes" more times then I, myself would probably like to hear. And there was the day I was so close to celebrating not having anymore "dusty reads" but of course went to the store instead thanks to my mother my enabler.

Although I should be thankful for that on so many levels. One being she's the reason I am going to the book fair this weekend. Unfortunately she invited people so I wouldn't be alone, which is rarely a possibility for me, but whatever.
Can't ruin my mood because I get to see Aimee Carter, author of The Goddess Test trilogy, which I've also gone on about this year, truth I toned it down a lot. I went on, but I really wanted to go on and on. It's a good thing I hadn't read the trilogy yet, when I compared mythology retellings. I read it a few weeks later and was planning to add it, but it probably would have gone, "One book is good, one book is great and the other is so freaking amazing! [Girlish squeal!] Oh life before Henry.

Two years of blogging and I'm happy to say that most of my post are going up the day I want them to! Two years, two summer reading lists, only two books read from those lists. Two years and only one "Drama moment."

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