Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tune In Tuesday - Beach Boys

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I can't say I've ever listened to The Beach Boys on a road trip, but the next one I go on (whenever that maybe) I definitely will.
In case you didn't know I love music from the '60s and before.



A few years ago I got to go see Brian Wilson at the Hollywood Bowl and of course the best part was when he played a few Beach Boys songs.
Truthfully though if you'd ask my favorite part of the night I'd probably say the Philharmonic that played before him.
I almost went to see the band also (John Stamos was drumming) but it was during the week so I couldn't get away.

I didn't know what a T-bird was but I wanted one just because of the song. They're very influential to me, while in Hawaii I picked out a Hawaiian shirt with old cars for my nephew because it reminded me of them.

And I had to share this one! I've never seen the movie but had the song on a Disney CD I had growing up and it was always my favorite, then when I started watching Annette Funicello movies a couple of years ago I rediscovered it and fell in love all over.


  1. I just saw the Full House episode a few weeks ago with The Beach Boys on it. Their music is always so fun!

  2. Beach Boys! They are so perfect for the road trip theme...I always want to hop in my car and head to California when I hear one of their songs.

    My pick for this week.

  3. BEACH BOYS!!!! I've been in love with them for as long as I remember. My Mum always thought I was a strange little child because I preferred the older music to what was around at the time. Oh well. I love them! And the Monkey's Uncle! I love the monkey's uncle and the monkey's uncle's ape for me! My sister and I would listen to (probably the same) CD over and over, singing along like loons. Good times, good times. I like the movie, too. It's cute! Thanks for sharing!